Hand Wash Process

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Auto Spa is a state of the art car wash that is fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our facility is up to date with latest in car washing technology.  

Before you enter our wash facility you will be greeted by our customer service advisors to help you decide which package is best for you as we help you on your way to the Auto Spa clean.  

Your car will be carried down a 12' wide conveyer belt that is 120' long. The wash tunnel has a clearance height of 85" so we can wash vehicles of all shapes and sizes. This is a semi-automated wash, meaning the chemicals are automatically applied and all of the car washing is done by hand.  

To ensure the highest quality end product we use only the finest materials on your vehicle. We use a cashmere mop bonnet to wash your vehicle, and an all nylon wheel brush on the wheels.  

After the wash and rinse we provide the best waxes and polishes available. We offer a Triple Coat Polish (not available for Basic  or Bargain St packages.) This polish forms a polymer bond to your paint and helps keep your paint safe for up to 1 month, from harmful UV rays, bugs, road tar, etc. After the triple coat polish you pass through the Rain-X arch. The Rain-X (a la carte only) is a complete surface protectant that works similar to a wax. This forms an invisible shield on your vehicle, making the water bead off your windows and paint like a fresh coat of paste wax would. After the Rain-X we apply Blue Coral Velocity VIP clear coat protectant (Only on Wax Works and Crown Circle Packages). The velocity is a hot wax that produces a deep glossy shine on your paint. After a quick spot free rinse (purified water) it is in to the dryers. The dryers blow at an impressive 80 mph to ensure a completely dry car. 

When exiting the wash belt we will then direct you to our after care conveyor belts. One of our customer service advisors will then direct you in to our lobby which is similar to a fish bowl.  You can see the entire facility through 10 huge windows. Take a minute to observe our full service detail shop to your left when heading down the hallway.   

Using turbine powered vacuums we are capable of getting the dirt in those hard to reach places. With our industrial strength degreaser we wipe down the dash, console and cup holders.  We use high pressure air to blast dirt out of cracks and crevices, and clean all your glass inside and out. We also dress the tires with high tech dressing guns to ensure a nice even glossy coat on your tires.  

After your vehicle has left the after care tunnels you’re almost done. Your vehicle will then be checked out by one of our customer service advisors to ensure that you are satisfied with your service. 

On some packages we offer more detail oriented interior services (see a customer service advisor for more details.)